Finally the new version IFS v7 arrives

Transition and new requirements of IFS version 7


Finally, last October 2020 the long-awaited version 7 of the IFS food regulation.


After several years of revisions and more revisions, this new version of the standard has finally seen the light, focused on aligning itself with the benchmarking criteria of the standards. GFSI version 8.


Like any version change in regulations, this one brings several changes to be integrated in the food safety systems certified with this standard.


Most relevant changes

* More attention to on-site evaluation, less to documentation
* Reduction of the number of requirements by 15 %
* Improved structure, adapted to the needs of IFS stakeholders
* The list of requirements is aligned with the latest GFSI version 2020.1 benchmarking requirements, FSMA and EU regulations


* Improved and better defined scoring system
* The evaluation report is better structured and easier to use
* Food safety culture has been added to the list of assessment requirements
* One in three certification assessments is conducted unannounced
* GLN mandatory for EEA and UK companies



With this version 7 of the IFS FOOD standard it is intended to bring it to the same level as the other regulations in the sector already aligned with GFSI requirements (such as BRS, FSSC, etc).


A special effort has also been made to make it much more understandable, in order to avoid confusion or misinterpretation of the requirements. And be more agile, practical and easy to manage, by merging regulatory requirements or eliminating them.


More importance is given to the physical and operational management of the food product / service, giving more emphasis on “on-site” factory auditing (promoting a 50% from the actual audit) and including, what was already expected, the surprise audit or without previously announcing (one in three).



Although it is not definitive, the following dates have been proposed: From from March 1, 2021 IFS Food V7.


Implementations will be mandatory for all companies that use this certification as of July 1, 2021.



services we offer

Following our values of commitment to the client, professionalism and personalized treatment, from our platform we offer various services related to advice, consultancy and support in the implementation, review and improvement of these regulations.

We differentiate ourselves, above all, in the implementation of management and food safety systems focused on added value, the provision of information, internal management, process improvement and, ultimately, to create a management system fully integrated into the organization that offer all the stated objectives.

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