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ACCIÓ -the agency for the competitiveness of the company of the Departament d'Empresa i Coneixement-, has presented some dies enrere a catalog on identifies the 100 most innovative circular economy solutions in Catalonia. The Regional Minister of ACCIÓ, Joan Romero, has donated to conèixer during the virtual conference A Taste of Circular Economy Hotspot Catalonia, held prior to the celebration of the Circular Economy Hotspot, the main event on circular economy in l'àmbit europeu that in 2021 will be held in Barcelona.

During the seva intervention, the councilor delegat d'ACCIÓ, Joan Romero, has subratllat that “that catalog I collected more than 100 innovative solutions in circular economy developed from Catalonia, solutions with application in the leading industrial sectors and linked to water, energy, nous materials and waste ”. It is tracta of a first approach to the solutions available to Catalonia, a document that will update both new initiatives in areas of food, chemistry, health and life sciences, sustainable mobility, industry 4.0, the packaging, design industries or research and education. According to Romero, in this way he is able to state that “Catalonia is an industrial and diversified economy, with different strategic sectors and, precisely, the catalog has received solutions in good part d'ells; It is a good example of the important ecosystem that we have ”.

The Regional Minister of ACCIÓ has also recalled that “the circular economy is a lever of innovation, competitiveness and efficiency, because it allows for greater productivity; to be more self-sufficient and to reduce the dependence on third parties or primary resources, scarce and criticism for the industry, and to decouple the growth of the utilization of resources and to advance capital to a circular and more cooperative society ”. “Sustainable companies are more efficient, they have a differential proposition based on innovation and a greater position in global markets”, Romero emphasized, because the circular economy is also “clau at the moment of transformation of the industrial model in which it ens they are immersed because they offer, in short, a sustainable, restorative and regenerative model, based on the use of renewable energies, energy efficiency and an efficient and responsible use of resources ”.

For the seva band, the Minister of Territories and Sustainability, Damià Calvet, has inaugurated the conference, while the Minister of Business and Connection, Ramon Tremosa, has ordered to close it. The event has also consisted of lectures by the expert on circular economy John Elkington, founder of Volans; from the Secretary of the Environment and Sustainability, Marta Subirà, and from the exhibition of practical bones and experiences by the director of Circular Economy and Green Creation of the European Commission, Kęstutis Sadauskas; the president of the Port of Barcelona, Mercè Conesa; the President d'Eurecat, Xavier Torra, and the Head of Sustainability of Seat, Edgar Costa.

The main trobada of the sector to Europe

The Circular Economy Hotspot had to celebrate the month of November in Barcelona, but the development has been postponed until 2021 as a consequence of the pandemic. It is part of the main circle of the circular economy in Europe, which will bring together international experts and offer conferences and itinerary guides to connect circular solutions in different sectors. L'esdeveniment, which complies with the participation of the Generalitat from the Department of Business and Connection -through ACCIÓ- and the Department of Territori and Sustainability, tindrà lloc from 15 to 18 November 2021.

During the seva, the ACCIÓ Regional Minister, Joan Romero, spoke about “the importance that Barcelona has been selected to complete this 5th edition of the Circular Economy Hotspot”, a conference that “is held at a more important time than May, in a context of global crisis in which the circular economy is postulated as one of the sectors closed for recovery ”. The day d'avui is an immovable sideboard to share and share successful experiences in Europe in the circular economy ”, he stated.

Segons a ACCIÓ study, Catalonia has currently comptabilitzades prop of 400 companies that offer solutions to implement the circular economy, which have a joint invoice of 11,038 million euros (more than 4,090 million of the quals are directly linked to the circular economy) i donate feina to 70,419 treballadors. Most are pimes (91%) and both have more than 10 years of life (83%), which shows the dynamism of the sector. Més de la meitat are exporters. Aside from the companies, the circular economy ecosystem of Catalonia also includes clusters, startups, technology and research centers and other entities.

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