Listening to Guillem Perdrix (an expert in social cooperativism and entrepreneurship, as well as a teacher, author, entrepreneur ...) is a pleasure, and you learn a lot. Above all, it becomes aware of how difficult or delicate it is to deploy all the skills that an entrepreneur is supposed to have - someone who wants to develop or bring their own business idea to life.

The best metaphor - indicated by Guillem - would be to compare the entrepreneurial profile with that of a cook. With the same ingredients and means, even the idea (recipe), not everyone will make the same dish. Only the one with a good profile will do the best.

Perhaps the question that would dismantle most business ideas, according to Guillem (today 3/10/2016 at the Mediterrani Tourism School, Barcelona) would be: -why will the client buy from you, or use your service? Many would not know what to answer, indicating that there is no differential value, there is no maturity in the idea, or there is a lack of skills or knowledge.

The ten habits or behaviors that they collected through a survey of successful companies, and that a true entrepreneur must have are:

  1. Look for opportunities, have initiative.
  2. Efficiency and quality. Efficacy is not enough.
  3. Seek "solid and reliable" information to support decisions. Without market research and reliable data, no decisions can be made, intuition or "I believe" are useless.
  4. Persuasion and networks. He has to fall in love, seduce, let himself be helped and take advantage of other people's experiences.
  5. Self-confidence and independence. You should not expect to be rewarded and recognized for everything you are doing, sometimes it is "hard" or complicated.
  6. Take calculated risks. Large risks without control, without knowing the market, just by intuition or desire to do something yours, can be a "suicide".
  7. Persistence. Any idea or project requires time and dedication, a lot.
  8. Meet (with the objectives, with the people, with the deadlines).
  9. Systematic planning and monitoring. To have feedback of actions or steps is essential. "Better a bad one than not having planning" -states Guillem.
  10. Set goals and challenges. New challenges, or variants.

And as desirable characteristics, in an entrepreneurial profile, Guillem pointed out the following: adventurous, clever or savvy (different from intelligent), fireproof, competitive, forward-thinking, discreet, inventor, administrator, communicator, creative, intuitive-deductive, and solidary. The latter is becoming increasingly important and we could connect it to the term of social responsibility and impact on society ...

The fear of failure is, perhaps, from my point of view, the worst feeling that accompanies an entrepreneur, it cannot be hidden and it is contagious - like most strong emotions.

The lack of enthusiasm, not only to undertake, would be another -in this case- contagious attitude, a variable that “smells” and that reveals that something is wrong: the idea or the entrepreneurial profile?

Published On: 10 de March de 2016 / Categories: EQUIPOS /

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