Xesco Espar shows in a very simple way and full of examples, from his time among the elite of sport, the importance of 5 values that make up the equation for success. The success or performance of the team would be equal to Work Systems (which includes talents) times Values (includes the emotional part).

The values it explains and exemplifies are generosity, humility, trust, enthusiasm and commitment.

Of course, it must be pointed out that a group is not a team, although it does not mean that according to the purpose it may be sufficient to achieve certain objectives.

KEYWORDS: Team performance, Generosity, Humility, Trust, Enthusiasm, Commitment, Group.

Xesco Espar (2014), talks about one of the keys to team performance, values.

Of course, a human group does not have to work as a team, forming a team is necessary in situations that require collaborative actions. For example, a staff of teachers is a human group, not a team, they do not act in groups, they are not evaluated as a group, they do not have the same objectives, they do not “wear the same shirt”. But it should be clarified that in many areas, it is preferable that the group of workers or collaborators have no ties, do not know each other, do not interact, and do not have bosses or leaders. The fact that there is a boss or leader implies possible common guidelines, norms that the group may not internalize, or share.

The values:

GENEROSITY. It is giving to the team, risking for the team. There are those who even risk their physique (their life) for others, for the good of the team.

MODESTY. It is leaving the ego in the background. Let others shine when they do well or better than you.

CONFIDENCE. It is generated by reinforcing the positive, what is done well. They are like table legs, the more the more stability. Only punishing, only highlighting what is done wrong generates insecurity, lack of confidence.

ENTHUSIASM. It is generating positive emotions, synergies of support, encouragement. Xesco comments that in the lower categories the cheerleader They were players, in rotating pairs, and they had the mission of cheering the team on in training. "If there is no enthusiasm, there is no team, that's everything" - according to Xesco Espar. Enthusiasm invites us to be generous, to be humble, to generate synergies between values.

"The noun enthusiasm comes from greek enthusiasm, which etymologically comes to mean something like 'divine rapture' or 'divine possession' ". Bustos, A. In

COMMITMENT. It stays when things go bad, when it's not so much fun anymore, when you don't win, when you want to leave or change teams. "It appears when the fun is over, as in a couple" -commented Xesco Espar.

It's difficult to create a group, difficult to create a team, a miracle to create a high-performance team that is also competitive (win).

Here, the role of leaders, of leadership, is also key.

As an open door to generate debate, what or what do they think should be the values that stand out the most in the leader, and what profile should a good leader of a high-performance team have.

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