Amb Xavier Canal will design a session focused on the new technologies, on the noves formes de trobar feina, on the noves professions, and on the noves formes d'aprendre. They are morint moltes professions such as they connect, also sorgint de noves, to measure that sorgeixen noves forms de fer and noves eines to communicate, to announce, to recruit, to vendre's ... The following is the summary that the X.Canal itself is going to send per als students of the EUM Mediterrani -Barcelona.

In this post, I would explain how you are evolving the professions and how they arrive at us.

To begin, you asked: "Is television dead?". What n'opineu? If a day of avui is not here, do you think it is here at 10-20 years? The answer is: Netflix, Youtube, Filmin, Wuaki, Vimeo, etc. Per tant, yes, television is dead just like the coneixem fins ara.

Thanks to the explosion of services to the Internet, the speed of transmission of dades, l'abaratiment de l'emmagatzematge and l'appearance of the Cloud. Internet is the nova font d'oci, culture, information, etc. Totes it works for them that television donates in a scheduled and limited way for them to donate the Internet. I, month by month, in a fully distributed way, on-demand.

Per tant, in the world of audiovisuals, there has been an evolution of the serious work of treball. So much in the aspect of the competències com in the creation of noves professions. For example, we have the figure of the YouTuber. A profession that broadens the competencies regarding the classic television presenter, including pre-production, post-production, scriptwriting, styling, etc. In many cases, he is the leader of his own YouTuber. Be sure to talk about what you need in business and / or technological skills.

Arrives at that point, and with a natural consequence, reinforcing the belief that professions are constantly evolving. Deixeu-me that ill·lustri faces more this idea with 3 ninth professions:

  1. the nou receptionist
  2. the nou professional sportsman
  3. the community manager

The most outstanding month of the new professions is that alt technological component they have. Especially the Internet and the high availability.

Les forms d'aprenentatge also canvien, and more with the appearance of the Internet and the seva ubiqüitat. Like the television, radio, magazines, newspapers, the consumer is not seen by the hour in which they access the contingut, in the training passes the mateix. Tones of content available all the time, in multiple languages, generated by different kinds of authors, and simplicity at the right time.

Enter a nou paradigm d'aprenentatge: els Personal Learning Environments (PLE).

A PLE Describe the eines, communities and services that constitute the platforms of personal training, which are useful to guide the apprenticeship and advise the specific objectius educatius, all in a collaborative way with a characteristic element, and also have room for them contact offline.


Published On: 11 de April de 2017 / Categories: FORMACIÓN-CONOCIMIENTO /

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