On October 27, the first edition of the book "Keys and statistical tools”(In pdf). Book aimed at students, teachers, researchers who need to understand the keys to design a study or research, collect information, design surveys - face-to-face or online - describe distributions (point estimators and / or graph), make inferences (through intervals or relationship tests), collect data and import it from SPSS, design a sample, go into data modeling. From a simple approach, to understand and apply the main statistical procedures to your data.



The structure of each chapter begins with the description of its objectives, theoretical explanations -a basic level and at a more advanced level-, examples and solved exercises, SPSS sequence and interpreted outputs, links to videos with which to follow the procedures carried out, links to own and external resources (databases with which to replicate examples of the book, and explanatory videos), as well as the references used.

This book collects my experience and career as a teacher, and as a creator of a multitude of tools and materials aimed at my students in tourism (UdG, escola Mediterrani), psychology (UAB and UNED), CC of labor (socio-labor audit, UOC) , among other groups.

GET IT ON: http://www.aptabel.com/producto/claves-y-herramientas-de-estadistica/

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