The Diputació de Barcelona has activated the TTT Program, Talent, Work and Technology, adreçat to the public in the province of Barcelona, with an expected duration of 2 years and a consolidated pressupost of 10,000,000 million euros.

Both our experience in different projects and the expert of our technical team intern and collaborator in consulting, assessment, training and management of projects, entenem des de APTABEL, our potential participant offered the possibility of an adient service in the ambits of the different lines of action that the TTT Program of the Diputació de Barcelona raises in article 10 of the announcement published in the BOPB of 25 November 2020, which s'emmarca dins of the Plan of agreement "Xarxa de Governs Locals 2020-2023".  


D'acord amb l'anunci de la convocation of the Diputació de Barcelona, is plantegen els següents aspectes:


The Work, Talent and Technology Program constitutes one of the many transformative projects included in the Plan d'actuació de mandat 2020 -2023 of the Diputació de Barcelona that express the will of the team of govern d'oferir noves looks to the corporate policies davant You tell me that you want to approach to advance towards a sustainable development. 


The program te per objecte the provision of economic cooperation so that the recipients will be directed to terme actions to promote employment and economic reactivation, also of a preventive and / or proactive nature, based on the impetus of technology and in the association to the digital transition of people and companies to a sustainable, inclusive, competitive and egalitarian socio-economic model. 


The serious objectius are: 

  • Minimize the deterioration of the activities of the territory, people (labor force), companies and institutions, caused by COVID -19. 
  • Restart / reorient the local economies on the path of belief in what they are positioned after the crisis caused by COVID -19. 
  • Strengthen and strengthen the talent of human capital and the productive capacity of our territory to contribute to the construction of a sustainable growth model, while competing and guiding the minimization of social inequalities.


The TTT Program is oriented to quatre lines of treball:


Línia a) Analysis and diagnosis of the current situation

  • Detect and characterize the needs of people and companies to define and operationalize the policies of local action in the best possible concreteness and in accordance with the reality of each territory. (OBJECTIU: estret de
  • Actions aimed at identifying and characterizing the local labor force and the various digital competencies, així as the local business team.


Line b) Strategic alliances for the development of the integral plan

It participates in the economic and social, public and private teixit, articulating a coordinated, unified and cohesive strategy, which allows optimizing the impact, the efficiency and the sustainability of the actions. 

The seu purpose is:

  • Promote public-private and public-public collaboration. It is about consolidating forms of collaboration, cooperation and agreement in Spain, understanding these forms of collaboration as part of the territorial intervention strategy in the local economic development. 
  • Creation of synergies between ENS in the area of development of the territory.
  • Optimize public resources to improve access of people and companies to resources and potential and available services.
  • Involve companies, business organizations, trade union agents, universities, specialized training centers, research and innovation centers, professional collegiate, commercial chambers and other organizations that want to have a paper filled in the mill of the competitiveness of the territory.

Line c) Competency development of people

    • To improve and update the digital skills of the people in order to minimize the technological gap, improve the employment and access to the labor market, mitigating the PLE.
    • Reinforce and strengthen the talent of human capital through the design and execution of personal training institutions (PLE).
    • Modify and transform the way of acceding to significant learning in the PLE model -21st century learner perspective in a digital and hyper-connected environment. 
  • Increase the autonomy and safety in colleges of saturats and / or professionals at the time of approaching the serious objects of millet, training and / or recycling.


Line d) Impuls of productive capacity and transformation of business teixit

  • Dins d'aquesta línia is intended to accompany companies to re-define their sustainable, inclusive, competitive and digital business models.
  • Its purpose is to promote the competitiveness of the product model minimizing the impact of the crisis caused by COVID-19 and accompanying companies in the process of digitalization and technological transformation.

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