In Gaspar Berbel Giménez, member of APTABEL and university professor a l'EUMediterrani (tourism, marketing and logistics) will attend the seminar "Reptes in the university education according to the occupant collegiate: EL CAS DELS ESTUDIS UNIVERSITARIS EN INFERMERIA" September 30, 2020.

Objectius of the seminari

  1. Offer a general and up-to-date overview of the main participants of the university training in Infermeria from the perspective of the occupant collegiate (reflected in an international perspective, facing that centered on the more proper participants of the entorn).
  2. Present the opinion of the occupying collegiate on the adequacy of the university training in Infermeria based on a study of cas realitzat in Catalonia.
  3. I will debate on who has to be the specific millennium ambits for the university education in Infermeria.

Conclusions, contributions by Gaspar Berbel based on his experience as a university professor - at UNAL, UAB, UOC, UNED, UPC and Mediterrani (UdG) -:

  • The web universitàries de vegades do not reflect the reality of the center.
  • The students are queixen d'assignatures that is overlap and the little coordination between professors -sovint els professors neither connect the program nor the one that the company that, may explain or continguts that a dona (això is going to be an aspect addressed to The University Meva is any passat to avoid overlaps to the assignments of methodology to the degree of marketing.
  • The methodologies are, sovint, little practical. A les meves assignatures always treballo amb dades reals, cases i dades reals, portem experts outside.
  • Hi there is little information about les sortides professionals. Here we will be able to treballar més, donat that it is important to motivate the students.
  • There is no follow-up of the subsequent sortides of the “graduated” student. These things will be interesting to have and analyze each cert temps.
  • The research activity is key in any discipline, it has to stimulate more than one month from the universities. It is a popular bar most contemplated in public universities and in professorat contractat –not only in associates or in private universities. What do not investigate this people?
  • Little mobility of the professorat, between universities. Això to the private pot is a more complicated mica.
  • Few technological innovations, sovint the centers and faculty do not know what a PLE means or personal learning environments - the future of training passes from this perspective.
  • Little application of practical competencies, such a theoretical exam faces. We highlight the Mediterranean methodology assignments to assign tots per proves practices, on the student has to show and deploy competencies on decision, data management, use of SPSS or PSPP.
  • Taxes altes d'abandonament. Here a comprehensive analysis or study of why it occurs is necessary, linking both possible variables that may affect the conduct of violent assemblage, among others.

Regulated training, dins els centers universitàries, is complex and requires holistic and systemic approaches, to work together - all the professors and managers - and to share experiences that will enhance the student and center experience, no It is all about promoting the social xarxes, the corporate image and the generation of expectations - of non-real vegades. From fet, the first expectation that a student will have to generate is that of what is at a university center on is to require effort, dedication, hours, discipline and respect (and that it will be necessary to put the seu system II of the brewery into operation). of slow thinking, the analytical month ...).

Final document –conclusions- from the seminari:

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