Gaspar Berbel Giménez - Aptabel consultant, professor and researcher at the EUMediterrani university, attends the  Masterclass - Employer Branding, given on 1/14/2021 by Eduard Alcaraz Espriu - President of feliciCat (Institut Català de la Felicitat)

The origin of the Employer Branding concept dates back to the 90s, but it begins to become popular around 2017, within the new trends, professions, competencies, guidelines in selection processes and recruitment. Concept alienated with many aspects, but which as its essence can be defined, and they do so, as the product of the reputation of an organization - employer brand and attracting talent - and the value proposition towards its own employees - internal customers.

Eduard showed us some data that underscores the importance of this phenomenon, such as that only 7.1% of employees in our country say that they would be loyal to their current company (Manu Romero from Human Resources Forum), as well as that only 15% of the Current companies say they have a digital transformation plan in place, 60% of them say they are in basic or initial stages of digital development. And, indeed, RETENTION-ATTRACTION and DIGITAL DEVELOPMENT are two of the key pillars of the EMPLOYER BRANDING, which seeks to improve the brand and the life of the employee-collaborator.

Eduard raises the EMPLOYER BRANDING as a strategy -or several- that the organization must design, develop, implement to position itself as an IDEAL place to work. Influencing and looking at integral aspects of well-being, such as nutrition, physical and emotional state. Aspects that companies, among many others, can and should influence - promoting healthy lifestyles.

Start working on the strategy of the EMPLOYER BRANDING requires analyzing aspects about the weather current (salaries, conditions, social benefits, motivation, teams, relationships), the social responsability corporate (economic, environmental and social impact on their stakeholders), the culture, the policy of selection and recruitment, the Career plans and of training, of the integration and management of image and social networks; also the creativity and gamification actions -Ludic type- where everyone has a place.

Transformation actions are carried out from management, employees, marketing campaigns. All must be key players. The actions of this strategy focus on the following points, among those commented by Eduard we highlight:

  • Employee Advocacy. Let us first remember the brandlovers or brand ambassadors, in the case of employee advocacy It would be the same concept and function but, in this case, it is workers who promote, defend, catapult the brand and its values, to boost commitment, customer or consumer trust, attract new customers and workers. Through an exhibition, positive dissemination of aspects of the organization that give it notoriety, positive reputation. And what better than from within!
  • Emotional salary. This is fed by compensations, reinforcements, stimuli related to well-being (diets and food care, physical care, gym, family conciliation with daycare or support…).
  • Digital strategy. Key for any organization, entity, professional. Without a good proposal and management of digital content, it does not exist, it does not stand out. Today everyone searches the Internet, it is the showcase where not to be is to not exist.
  • Events (edit) on, off and híb. On-line, offline and hybrids.

We add other aspects not discussed in the masterclass that seem essential to us for a process like this:

  • The expectations management. It is useless to propose actions if they are later abandoned, their impact is not reported ...
  • Enhance the figure of intra-entrepreneur, within creative and innovation processes - related but different concepts. Entrepreneurship from within is a powerful catalyst and an opportunity for new lines of business or improvements.

To end, highlight that the strategy of employer branding Obviously, it seeks to increase the value of the company, so the actions implemented must be aligned with the business objectives. Actions, on the other hand, that pursue short and medium-term objectives, where it is important to integrate values, experience, the history and culture of the organization, all in pursuit of a PLEASANT WORK ENVIRONMENT, attractive to outsiders and insiders. , that generates HAPPINESS. 

It does not stop being a strategy to aim towards the CULTURE and CLIMATE OF THE ORGANIZATION, from a highly focused perspective on digital technology, marketing, and staff wellness and development. Where is it sought to increase DESIRE to belong and stay, and the COST EFFECTIVENESS.

Working to change the organizational culture, the climate, the teams, the brand, the reputation, the creativity is possible and necessary. Tell us your needs, maybe we can help you.

Published On: 29 de January de 2021 / Categories: EQUIPOS, FORMACIÓN-CONOCIMIENTO /

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