Organizational Strategy

With the experience of professionals from internal interdisciplinary teams, APTABEL can offer professional advice

Estrategia organizativa Aptabel

We Boost Our Clients' Bottom Line by Empowerment.

With the experience of the professionals of the internal interdisciplinary teams, APTABEL can offer professional advice with guarantees to reduce bureaucratic burdens and simplify and optimize its work methodologies, its management skills and the innovation of its processes.

It can also provide objective and necessary measures to manage your company in a more efficient and satisfactory way, attending to criteria of economic viability, sustainability and quality; always personalized to your real needs. We work in the areas of:

  • Strategic plans
  • Municipal Action Plans
  • Lean Management
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Lean Administration
  • Group dynamics and work team management
  • Cogerences
  • Document management

We promote organizational values, emphasizing:

The main assets of organizations

The potential of organizational objectives and strategies

The search and reengineering drive

The drive for personal empowerment and creativity

The participation, assessment and proactive involvement of the human team

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Ernest Rovira

Ernest Rovira

Technical industrial engineer. Master in industrial quality management. Master in business management and administration. CPU. Aptabel group consultant.

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