Systems Implementation, Systems Maintenance, Outsourcing, Systems Audits and Improvement and streamlining of systems

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We Equip Leaders With Strategy and Vision

Practical and effective implementation of methodological systems with added value, based on planning, consistent execution, measurement of results and activation of improvement.

Implementation of Management Regulations.

Periodic support to document, check, improve and update the management systems, based on the PDCA method, optimizing, rationalizing and improving their efficiency.

Outsourcing coverage to the different management systems implemented in an organization, inserting technical personnel into the functional structure of the client, customizing and adapting the tasks to the particular needs of each organization.

Systematic evaluation to periodically monitor the implementation of the systems, to know what are the identifiable weak or strong points and thus be able to identify opportunities to improve and / or prepare for a certification, a client audit, a certification body audit or other requirements that require it.

We help all types of organizations to rethink their processes, to rethink their procedures and to ultimately carry out permanent and concurrent reengineering of their management methodologies, with the aim of seeking efficiency.

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Ernest Rovira

Technical industrial engineer. Master in industrial quality management. Master in business management and administration. CPU. Aptabel group consultant.

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