Tesi satisfied in restaurants


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The objectius in this thesis is:

Recollate the main perspectives in the study of satisfaction, together with the main antecedents and the various conseqüències, in the restoration sector, both on a methodological level and on the theoretical conceptualization.
Fer a research with two vessants: one of qualitative to determine factors and motius of the trust and of the loss in different commercial sectors and areas of the restoration; i an altra of quantitative applied to the catering sector, both survey methodology and analysis of multilevel regression models to confirm the importance of certs factors.

Analyze the role of the variable "to be a regular client or not", commented to the literature as a possible confusing variable, but not studied at the moment. Multilevel methodological analysis of restaurant satisfaction.
Apply a methodology of commune and now enquesta in two different cities, Barcelona and Bogotà, that represent two different socio-cultural realities.
Propose a new scale of assessment of the quality of the service and analyze the structures of reference emprades (Andaleeb i Conway, 2006; Varela, Prat.


The interest in consumer behavior, local commerce, restoration, customer service, quality of service, strategic management, processes that facilitate customer satisfaction and trust, etc. Go from molt lluny and she is linked to the meva passed by for the investigation.

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