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Avui us present to DOMOTICA I SEGURETAT 2012 SL (DOMOTICS) what It is an organization based in Sant Cugat del Vallès and territorial deployment throughout the national territory, dedicated to comprehensive security (both active and passive).

DOMOTICS activities are centralized in the areas of security products such as cuirassades ports, security systems (mechanics and electronics), access controls, alarms, video surveillance, home automation (domestic and industrial), automation postage, maintenance and technical assistance services lligats all of these products.

You can go to the seva botiga and the seva website, between d'altres:

  • Portes cuirassades EUROSEGUR (of those who are distributors and official municipalities)
  • Caixes fortes i de seguretat
  • Seguretat cylinders
  • Copy of garatges / portes automatitzades commands
  • Domotic solutions (cable jades, via radio, ..)
  • Alarms / video surveillance
  • Altres productes 

The seu objective is to donate an efficient response to clients, who are willing to provide personalized, professional and qualitative attention in all of the various interventions. 

They have clients both in private corporate organizations, with universities, hospitals, municipalities, and public private in general.

S'adapten permanently, tot innovant and donant responds to the needs and requirements of the clients.

It is in this sentit that in this post they offered the presentation of a novel incorporated to the seva range of products and services, such as that of cylinders digitals sense batteries.

It is an innovative product, with high technology and adaptation to the present reality of the new ICT technologies, of which DOMOTICS is a PARTNER of the manufacturer and that can offer both the supply, programming, installation, as well as the service of assistance technical relations with the established technological solution.

Cylinders digitals sense external energy: neither batteries nor cablejat.

For more than 700 years that the serralleria works the same: a form of metal (the clau) coincides with the shape of the bread to be able to work. If they do not coincide, you form them, where it is not possible to turn the clau and it is not possible to act. It's simple but així has been for a long time. From fet, the gremi de serrallers de Catalunya is going to found 1,380 and segueix actiu!

The problem is that this method of “ensuring” the accesses to the tea is inconvenient: it is possible to have copies sense permís, in case of robatori or to lose the bread and it is necessary a different clau for each bread.

The digital accesses of the type of fingerprint or RFID card that have appeared are some serious problems, but they have a problem that prevents mass deployment: they require electricity. Això vol dir incloure batteries or wiring the ports. In the first case, I deixant environmental considerations to the band, depending on the status of the battery. In the second case, the costs are skyrocketing.

I, moreover, with the current pandemic, the digital demand is not recommended in environments with high occupancy and the possibility of contagi is multiplied.

And here is on Apareixen els panys digitals of the Finnish multinational iLOQ. They have all the advantages of the electronic systems, but they feel the inconvenience of having to provide them with energy; the cylinder itself generates the energy that it needs to support the movement of the clau. Energy is not created or destroyed, it is just transformed! I això is the one who fan the electronic cylinders of iLOQ. This technology is unique to the world and solves the main inconveniences of the mechanical systems: 

  • A single clau per tot: donate accés to the panys that corresponded to each user.
  • Easy to install: they adapt to qualsevol pany with Europerfil cylinders.
  • Impossible fer còpies: the dret d'accés do not depend on the form of the clau but on the xip encryption.
  • The closed ones do not require changing the cylinder: it simply warns the cylinder that it has placed the clau to the black list.
  • Flexible: fes and defés els permits d'accés tantes vegades with necessitis to each clau.

It incorporates RFID, NFC technologies for mobile opening, and the D2D system (Device to Device), which passes the encrypted information between elements of the architecture in xarxa of the different cylinders and claus.

In the DOMOTICS experience with the iLOQ solution, it has been verified that it is a versatile product in the seva application in environments such as Hospitals, Schools, Municipal Equipment, Residences, Corporate Buildings, Sports Equipment, Universities, Botiges or Botigues groups, Various concessionaries, Large areas, Veïns Communities, ... etc.

You can find the DOMOTICS botiga at Carrer Colón, 30 Local 1 in Sant Cugat del Vallès. Also, at your telephone number for direct assistance 93 589 13 83, al seu correu electrònic domotics@domotics.cat or to the seva website www.domotics.cat

I am sure that they will love to be able to attend to them, consult them and requests and, moreover, to be able to donate a solution to them. Do not hesitate to contact them, click here.

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