Consulting, Training and support for organizations

Our actions focus on:

Advice: Organizational consulting, quality management systems, environment, health and safety, information security, food safety systems and other references.

Projects: Equality plans, strategic plans, organization and improvement plans, corporate social responsibility plans, Compliance, process reengineering and others.

Data Protection: Advice on personal data security systems, monitoring and compliance audits, system maintenance, outsourcing of the personal data security system.

Human Resources: Training, business coaching, selection or recruitment processes, job evaluation and analysis, analysis of organizational climate and culture.

Psychometry: Creation of psychometric tools (tests, questionnaires), statistical analysis, and data modeling, studies and research advice.

Leadership from emotions. Coaching in emotional management. The soft skills. Group work.

Strategic changes. Intra-entrepreneurship. Creativity and innovation.

Training ad hoc. Preparation of training plans. Training actions –see or ask for the catalog.

Process analysis and of the internal communication.

After ten years of continuous intervention in development and improvement programs within private and public organizations, we are convinced that a large part of the current approaches to managing and developing people, within organizations, have expired or must be rethought.

"Our leitmotiv is the innovation and the search for new ways of understanding the present of the organization, to make a more efficient future". 

We seek to create new services, products and proposals for action, capable of giving more value and achieving greater impact on society, recognizing the human factor as the axis of the strategic priorities of the organization.

Ernest Rovira

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